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Service Authority for Freeways and Expressways (SAFE)

The Service Authority for Freeways and Expressways, or SAFE for short, manages the Bay Area’s fleet of Freeway Service Patrol tow trucks and roadside call boxes.

Freeway Service Patrol
Freeway Service Patrol

MTC-SAFE is one of 18 SAFE programs around the state. SAFE was added to the MTC organization to reduce congestion, improve public safety and enhance air quality by quickly identifying, responding to, and clearing freeway incidents.

These two services are making our freeways work better:

Call Box: Facing a non-emergency situation? Get the details on our 511 service.

Freeway Service Patrol - FSP: Our fleet of roving trucks helps during peak travel times. Get more FSP details.

This 21-member committee meets the fourth Wednesday of each month.

For assistance, please contact Rosy Leyva,

Dave Cortese, Chair
Jake Mackenzie, Vice Chair
Alicia C. Aguirre
Tom Azumbrado
Jason Baker
Tom Bates
David Campos
Dorene M. Giacopini
Federal D. Glover
Scott Haggerty
Anne W. Halsted
Steve Kinsey
Sam Liccardo
Mark Luce
Julie Pierce
Bijan Sartipi
Libby Schaaf
James P. Spering
Adrienne J. Tissier
Scott Wiener
Amy Rein Worth

How well are we maintaining our highways? Get up-to-date stats on the Vital Signs website.


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