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FasTrak® Electronic Toll Collection (ETC)

FasTrak ETC usage on the bridges has experienced a generally upward trend with each passing month. As of June 2015, approximately 64 percent of the total traffic passing through the toll plazas use the ETC system, with this share jumping above 80 percent during the weekday peak at some of the bridges, including the Bay Bridge.FasTrak toll plaza

Currently, all lanes on all bridges are equipped with the FasTrak equipment. All of the bridges have at least one lane dedicated to FasTrak® use with dedicated lanes handling almost three times as many vehicles per hour as a lane in which tolls are collected manually.

Over time, BATA has added more dedicated FasTrak lanes throughout the seven state-owned toll bridges and opened four open road tolling lanes (two at the Benicia Toll Plaza starting in August 2007 and two at the Bay Bridge starting in September, 2013).

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