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Regional Measure 1 Toll Bridge Program

In November 1988, Bay Area voters approved Regional Measure 1 (RM 1), which authorized a standard auto toll of $1 for all seven state-owned Bay Area toll bridges. The additional revenues generated by the toll increase were identified for use for certain highway and bridge improvements, public transit rail extensions, and other projects that reduce congestion in the bridge corridors.

The toll bridge projects identified by RM 1 can be itemized as follows:

Northern Bridge Group Projects:

  • Construction of a new bridge parallel to the original Benicia-Martinez Bridge (completed 2007)

  • Replacement of the western span of the Carquinez Bridge (completed 2003)

  • Major rehabilitation of the existing Richmond-San Rafael Bridge
    • trestle and fender rehabilitation (completed 2005)
    • deck replacement (completed 2006)

  • Richmond Parkway (completed)

Southern Bridge Group Projects:

Prior to the existence of BATA, Caltrans completed, as part of RM 1, the widening of the original Benicia-Martinez Bridge and the construction of the West Grand Avenue connector to the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge.