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Smart Driving

Every driver can be a smart driver.

Smart driving — sometimes called ‘Eco-Driving’—involves easy-to-implement tactics that any driver can do to save gas and reduce emissions.

Digital gas gauge from Chevrolet Cruze

Digital gas gauge from Chevrolet Cruze displays fuel economy in real time.

  • Choose the least congested route to avoid idling in traffic.
  • Slow down — Reducing your freeway speed from 75 mph to 65 mph can improve gas mileage by 15 percent, while reducing polluting emissions.
  • Smooth and steady — Follow the speed limit and reduce aggressive driving to boost mileage by up to 33 percent on the highway and 5 percent on streets.
  • Anticipate – Adapt your speed to what is happening ahead.
  • Tune it up — Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for regular oil changes, service and maintenance; regularly check filters.
  • Lighten the load — Clean out your car and the trunk. Your fuel economy will improve 2 percent for every 100 pounds you remove.
  • Pump ’em up — Check your tire pressure monthly and increase fuel economy 2 percent to 3 percent by keeping tires inflated to the recommended pressure.

Visit the 511 website to learn more.


In February 2016, MTC launched Drive Smart Bay Area, a campaign to inform drivers about how to improve their driving habits and vehicle performance — and reduce emissions. Read the press release

A new in-vehicle tool helps drivers track how their driving habits impact their mileage and efficiency. Called the "Automatic," the device works with smart phones to help consumers drive smarter. Under MTC's Drive Smart Bay Area program, launched in February 2016, consumers can get the Automatic for half price — $49.99 instead of the normal retail price of $99.95. Automatic is like a fitness tracker for your car. Just plug it in under the steering wheel and it will connect to your phone whenever you drive. It measures your driving behavior and trains you to drive smarter. It can also diagnose engine trouble, remind you where you parked, provide emergency crash response and more. Print out or present this coupon on your mobile devise at any Bay Area Best Buy location to take part in this promotion (expires 6//11/2016).